About us

Introduction to MiiiEat

MiiiEat's DNA is 100% "rice"! Rice is how MiiiEat started our business.  MiiiEat's vision is to bring rice-based gluten-free diet, a healthy and tasty diet, to the world.  Taiwanese rice is the core ingredient.  Everyone deserves to have healty and tasty food and snacks.

MiiiEat is deeply influenced by the rice culture in Taiwan; therefore, we insist on using only high quality rice in Taiwan to produce the most delicious food and snacks.  We stand for what we believe and what we produce.  Each and every one of our products is crafted to perfection based on rigorous standards of procedures.  From aroma, color, texture to taste, our products strike to deliver the best possible food tasting experience that does not only taste good but the body also feels good.

Our mission is to promote rice-based gluten-free diet for a healthy yet tasty world of food.  In MiiiEat, both health and taste are equally important.

Taiwanese bubble tea
MiiiEat egg roll (coffee)
Taiwanese shape (dumplings)